From The Forest

Bow-Making With Jason Beever From JWB Bows

November 14, 2019

Jason Beever from JWB Bows will be our guest this week; he is the owner of JWB Bows where he specializes in making home-made bows from local trees.

JWB is an internationally known bowyer, located in the Catskill Mountains, who embraces the craft traditionally. His methods are rooted in history as he processes all his materials by hand - from harvesting and processing the wood from the forest, making his own glue from fish air bladders and flakes of tendon, untwisting and flattening horn into plates, and always varying fabrication techniques from various cultures around the globe.

Jason's repertoire ranges in eras and locations around the world: from the Asiatic and Eurasian composite horn bows to the long bows, recurves, and other individual styles of the indigenous peoples of Northern Europe and North America. Each JWB Bow is unique, crafted by hand, and roots into a heritage shared by humans across the earth.