From The Forest

Reading The Forested Landscape With Professor & Author Tom Wessels

November 14, 2019
Tom will describe how he uses "forest forensics" to decipher the history of a forest. Maybe there was a large hurricane, logging, pasture, cropping, or fire. By looking at the trees, topography and more, we can decipher the past. Tom is the author of "Reading the Forested Landscape: A History of New England."

Tom Wessels is a terrestrial ecologist and professor emeritus at Antioch University New England where he founded the master’s degree program in Conservation Biology. With interests in forest, desert, arctic, and alpine ecosystems, plus geomorphology, evolutionary ecology, complex systems science, and the interface of landscape and culture, Tom considers himself a generalist. He has conducted workshops on ecology and sustainability throughout the country for over three decades. He is the author of numerous book with his latest being "Granite, Fire, and Fog: The Natural and Cultural History of Acadia".

Author: CFA Staff