From The Forest

The Eastern Coyote With Roland Kays

November 14, 2019
The eastern coyote has made a comeback to the northeast in recent decades. This animal has the ability to thrive in both heavily forested and urban areas. Yet today's eastern coyote differs from its predecessors 100 years ago, according to DNA and museum records found by Roland Kays.

Roland Kays, North Carolina State University Research Professor, has been tracking the eastern coyote's comeback for some time. We'll find out from Roland what makes today's coyote unique from other areas and eras and how it's adapting to today's remote and urban areas.

Roland is a zoologist with interest in ecology and conservation. He is an expert in using new technologies to track free-ranging animals and collects data through fieldwork and studies of museum collections. He is the Head of Biodiversity Lab, and NC Museum of National Sciences.

Author: CFA Staff