From The Forest

The Myth of the Market Hunting Bogeyman

December 16, 2021
Wildlife in the US is managed under the paradigm of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation (NAMWC). Accolades of this program include notable American icons like former President Teddy Roosevelt and the "Father of Forestry's" Gifford Pinchot. Roosevelt and Pinchot led the early 20th Century's Progressive Conservation Movement. Roosevelt believed open markets in logging and hunting were greatly exploiting natural resources and must be preserved by divorcing scarce natural resources from "market forces."
To this day both hunters and non-hunters mention in publications and magazines that market hunting was most responsible for the demise of wildlife populations in the 19th Century. Although market forces impacted wildlife greatly, habitat and private property rights are under-emphasized. We'll discuss how forest loss and regrowth has impacted wildlife resources over time. We'll also go into the impacts of "ownership" or lack thereof on wildlife too.
Lastly, we'll briefly cover how wildlife might be managed going forward into the 21st Century.

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